What we do to laugh together?

Written by: Alvito Fernandes | April 16th, 2020 | Category: Announcements, Presales, Sales

We all cribbed coming to office every single Monday all through our lives. We hated Monday to the extent that we wanted it to be excluded from being the first day of the week.

But now, the lockdown situation has made us realize, how much we miss our work place and colleagues. And, I’m sure there’s an immense change in how we think our Mondays should be.

It’s been a month now, we as a team, are working remotely. We miss greeting each other, we miss our coffee and lunch breaks, unplanned outings, reasons to celebrate every single opportunity, and we miss number of such stories and all the fun involved.

But this ‘work-from-home’ situation, has not dampen our drive to work together as a team. We @MetroGuild have discovered numerous ways to cut our way out.

We catch up every day through MetroMeets (our Video-conferencing app) after office hours. We mostly don’t follow any agenda on these meetings to keep them extremely light and supremely entertaining.

Our meetings begin with important announcements, progress, and positivity. Then we share how our day was, followed by fun activities. We play fun games, share our funny/embarrassing situations, share our funny photos, funny stories, hobbies, hidden talents, and lot more.

This one-hour jamming session has given us opportunity to feel more engaged with each other than ever. Apart from working, we enjoy being together the most during this hour of the day. It brings us together, binds us and assures us that we’re there for each other; engaged, as ONE TEAM.


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