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Built on the success of the MetroLeads platform in vertical markets, the MetroGuild Partner Program offers a compelling commission structure, easy access to support resources, and a dedicated sales and support team focused on helping you close deals faster, making you more money. 

Why Partner with MetroGuild

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We know your biggest challenges to making money are time and effort so partnering with MetroGuild gives you resources specifically to allow you to maximize your time and effort, generating maximum reward.

  • Exclusive access to specialized sales training
  • Accellerated response time with a dedicated sales channel representative
  • Advanced solution customization for unique regional or industry vertical requirements.
  • Easy access to support staff for rapid problem resolution
  • A progressive commission plan maximizing reward for effort.
  • Flexible Billing Models to optimize cash flow.

MetroGuild Partner Benefits

With a minimal investment, entrepreneurs partnering with MetroGuild will experience new business opportunities and financial success.  MetroGuild offers an array of plans to suit any industry and channel requirement with the benefit of large margin opportunities.  With your partnership and MetroLeads, MetroGuild brings innovation and reliable products solving channel partner sales challenges with out of the box solutions.

  • Compelling Commission Plan

    Our plan assures your success with our success through attractive commission percentages on every sale.

  • Dedicated Channel Representative

    Cut right through the red tape when you need answers now with your dedicated support and sales team. Resolve questions and receive critical sales information to close deals efficiently and timely.

  • Advanced Tech Support

    We work with you side by side to assure customer satisfaction in integrated customer solutions

  • Easy Access to Sales Tools and Resources

    Exclusive access to specialized sales training resources and application notes.

MetroGuild Partner Benefits

Partner Program Levels

We recognize that all partners are not the same.  Some need the basics with minimal investment, others are looking for lots of value but are willing to invest to save time and maximize reward.  We offer three program levels to better fit the needs of your business.  


A program for anyone interested in earning money by sending a customer our way and letting us take it from there.
  • Referrals
  • Sales Support
  • Proposal/Quote
  • Billing-MetroGuild
  • Provisioning Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Training
  • Customer Support
  • Relationship Management
  • Earnings
    – One time paid at end of second month
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More mature consultants, integrators or VARs who are interested in owning the complete customer relationship.
  • Sales
  • Pre Sales Support
  • Proposal/Quote
  • Billing -MetroGuild & Reseller
  • Provisioning Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Training
  • Customer Support
  • Relationship Management
  • Earnings – Monthly
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