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Our Story

MetroGuild was started by three high-tech executives who decided that there are plenty of companies that continue to develop new and ever more esoteric technologies; that they themselves are guilty of starting several of these; and that they are no longer challenged by the prospect of starting yet another one, nor would they enjoy it.


Rather, they thought, it might be exciting to use their substantial experience and understanding of current and future technology trends to help real ‘low-tech’ businesses to productively exploit the internet to generate more leads, attract more customers and make more money, and willingly and happily share a small percentage of additional revenue with MetroGuild.

What We Do

Marketing and Business Development Consultation
We consider the client business in the context of Price, Place (Positioning), Product, Promotion. We develop specific Marketing and Sales recommendations for the client based on the review and provide ongoing tactical and strategic Marketing and Sales support and advice.
Lead Management
MetroLeads sources, tracks and manages your leads. With a razor sharp focus on ease of use, leads are automatically captured and tracked whether via phone, website, Internet, Search Engines or Social Media. Take control, manage, capture all communications and follow every lead from their first response to your advertising all the way to the store/business vist of your potential customers using our patent pending system. MetroLeads proactively analyzes your lead data to detect trends and provides real business tips and metrics.
Digital Property Development
MetroGuild builds context-aware sites that are customized for each web visitor, giving them an informative resource that matches what they are looking for and provides an easy way to get in touch with your business.

Our Team

Cyrus Irani

Cyrus, a co-founder of MetroGuild, has been in the high tech industry for over 25 years focused on marketing, PR, business development, sales and general management of innovative technologies across several market sectors, an important one of which was retail. Cyrus started at Xerox Corporation in a group that spun technology out of Xerox PARC to develop and sell the first PCs (with Icon based Operating Systems, 19″ screens, and mice) and networked servers that are still the blueprint for PCs/Macs and servers today. He started as a systems engineer and quickly moved to managing an R&D group. This experience provided an outstanding foundation for innovation and systems design.

Since then, Cyrus has held product management, CEO or executive positions in operations and management of products and services in communications equipment and telecommunications software at Retix (Director Product Marketing), AT&T GIS (Product Line Manager), Alchemy Group (co-founder & CEO), Vertel (Telecommunications software and services) (CEO, President, COO, and/or Vice President) and Strix Systems (WLAN mesh networking systems) (co-founder, Sr. Vice President).

Arif Amirani

Arif is in charge of the technology stack and the team behind it. He has extensive experience in web scale product development ranging from enterprise applications at Symantec to social platforms at startup stage companies.

Kent Iverson

Kent is an early member of the MetroGuild executive team. In his 30+ years of technology development he has held senior management and technical leadership roles in companies large (Belkin International, Cisco Systems, etc.) and small. Kent has held executive and leadership positions in Engineering, Operations, and Marketing, driving innovation and creativity, and building companies and products in telecommunications, consumer retail and enterprise hardware and software. He currently holds five patents in various communications and consumer electronics technologies with several patents pending.


As a serial entrepreneur, Kent has been a founder, principal, architect, or significant contributor in a series of start-up companies (Angeli Systems, Retix Inc., Telesend Inc.) as well as a technical and management advisor to others. Currently, in his CMO/COO role, Kent brings marketing experience, operational discipline and technology perspective to MetroGuild, Inc.
driving the company to strong performance, committed deliverables and solid results.


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MetroGuild is an early stage start-up solving real, everyday sales and marketing problems and we are growing our team. Our expanding global customer base demonstrates explicit market endorsement of our products and technology and we are continuing on our mission, creating tools for next generation business. To fully realize the potential of our technology we are building our organization to take our products to the next level. If you are looking for a great opportunity to express your creative thinking and experience innovative development, seize the moment and join our team.

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