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We Are Engineers. We Are Innovators. We Are Creators.

Inspired by real problems, driving real results, MetroGuild, a global company, developed MetroLeads – a marketing, sales and communications management platform. Rooted in the science of selling, Metroguild evolved to offer a range of products and services to your Sales team. Metroguild empowers organisations globally to own and grow their Marketing and Sales Teams and drive growth. Metroguild provides CRM, digital asset building and support to help organisations reach their true growth potential.

Our Mission Statement

Building Human Connections to Cultivate and Earn Trust


As Homo sapiens, at our core we develop and nurture relationships to survive and thrive – it’s in our DNA. The bonds of successful human relationships are built upon communication, knowledge sharing, reciprocal value, and knowing “you’ve got my back”, all of which are essential to build relationship trust also known as building human connections.

MetroGuild is founded around the principle of building human connections and fostering long term relationship trust, whether with its customers, employees, or suppliers.

Successful marketing and selling are about making and deepening a human connection. To that end, our products and services give you the platform upon which to communicate, share knowledge, and demonstrate reciprocal value. We provide you with the capability to establish the human connections necessary to know your customer, to develop, nurture, and earn this same trust.

Our Leaders

Cyrus Irani
Cyrus Irani

Cyrus is a 30 year veteran entrepreneurial crusader pushing paradigm shifts, while blowing up old notions of sales and business process. He has instigated and championed the adoption of workstations, LAN networking, email, mobile data, DSS systems, and WiFi Everywhere at time when few people understood the revolution at hand and the benefits to be gained.

Cyrus’ technology education and business track record have been the foundation for executive roles in not only Engineering Management, but also Product Management, Business Development, Support, Professional Services, Sales, Marketing, and President/CEO roles, including taking a company public on the NASDAQ. His diversified history ranges from Fortune 500 companies (Xerox SDD, Teradata) to startups (Retix, Vertel, Strix, EchoMobile) across multiple domains constantly reinventing himself to best achieve results with the organization and resources at hand.

Cyrus is also a bit of health, diet, and fitness nut (friends and family use different terms), and enjoys hiking and backpacking with his 2 sons and many nephews & nieces.

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Kent Iverson
Kent Iverson

Kent, an early member of the MetroGuild executive team, in 30+ years of technology development, has been a principal executive and technical leader in companies large (Cisco Systems, Belkin International) and small. Kent has held executive and leadership positions in Engineering, Operations, and Marketing, driving innovation and creativity while building companies with products in telecommunications, consumer retail and enterprise hardware and software. He currently holds five patents in various communications and consumer electronics technologies.

Kent is a serial entrepreneur having been a founder, principal, architect, or significant contributor in a series of start-up companies including Retix Inc., Angeli Systems, and Telesend, Inc. and now MetroGuild, Inc. Currently, in his CMO/COO role, Kent brings market knowledge, operational discipline and technology

perspective to MetroGuild driving the company to strong performance, committed deliverables and solid results. While not living the entrepreneurial dream, Kent enjoys sharing Rexing (skating), swimming, yoga, and cycling with his wife of 28+ years. When time permits, he has a passion for creating and operating intricate railroad models. While traveling, he also enjoys snatching time to get lost in a novel. Time is his most precious asset.

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Meet the team


We have a diverse team with deep experience building products for different industries and vertical markets. We’re a team of smart, talented, badass individuals who are as curious as we are informed. We push the status quo and drive change. Our culture encourages fresh perspectives, fosters genuine respect, with a fundamental commitment to excellence. We give and receive constructive feedback regularly. We help each other grow and reach new heights. As a result, we succeed in making our workplace more authentic, our product development more inclusive, and our customers more satisfied with every experience.

Our team is globally present across India, US and France, with our core development team working from Pune, Bangalore, and Guragram. We are always on the look out for talent. Give us a shout if you want to join us.

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