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Metroleads, by MetroGuild, is an easy to use Lead Sourcing, Tracking and Management Platform.

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My MetroLeads

Start your day with “My MetroLeads” organizing your meetings and tasks, giving you a coherent view of what you have lined up for the day and the entire week.

Lead Auto-Creation and Auto-Entry

MetroLeads auto-captures inbound data to determine whether to auto-create a new lead or automatically add additional information into a lead. MetroLeads is built to accommodate any marketing campaign’s inbound leads – online or offline.

Configurable Data Fields & Email

MetroLeads allows your company to create data fields to record the most important details about your leads/customers. The data fields are configurable to your application, not a canned set of fields that may not apply to your business. Our email integration is another key feature that keeps you connected with your leads/customers without ever having to leave your workspace.

Automatic Lead Building

As prospect interaction continues, MetroLeads continues to auto-capture data and aggregate new information into the lead, building a robust opportunity profile, and interaction history while minimizing manual field entry and data correlation tasks.

Lead Card In-Browser Call and Status Update

MetroLeads has a unique feature that turns your computer into a phone. We use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that enables users to make outbound calls directly from the lead card using either their computer web browser, their mobile phone, or a VoIP softphone. Easily leverage our integrated Notes field to record any details about the lead that are not already automatically captured by the system, before, during , or after lead contact.

Form Manager

MetroLeads Form Manager gives you an immediate view visitor/prospect actions on your digital properties. Easily see your sources and other crucial interaction data for visitors and have all the specifics of forms filled on one one page. Respond to forms directly from the manager or jump to the lead card(automatically) associated with the form with a single click.

Call Manager

MetroLeads Call Manager gives you an immediate view of all your tracked calls to the business including critical data such as sources, destination location, and duration. Managers can listen to calls to increase customer interaction quality as well as assess overall call activity for any time period. One click takes you to the associated lead card for a call allowing you to see call and interaction history for the entire lead life cycle.

Who Uses MetroLeads?


Capturing a complete customer touch point record for simple and complex transactions.


Managing and evaluating advertising and marketing with detailed multi-media sourcing and response data.

Sales Administration

Managing sales activities with comprehensive records of customer interactions and outcomes.

Service Delivery

Sales fulfillment management scaling from single locations to regional and national organizations.

  • Multi-Touch Transactions

    Complete history of lead interactions across all your contact media for incoming and outgoing events and messaging.

  • Multi-Location Business

    Location specific tracking, association and reporting. Flexible multi-location management and lead organization from single locations to complete enterprise.

  • Advertising Response Tracking

    Track configurable lead interaction sources across all your contact media supporting discrete ROI analysis for your marketing and advertising channels.

  • Service Delivery Tracking

    Response tracking for service fulfillment scalable from single locations to entire enterprise.

  • Complex Sales Cycles

    Fully configurable lead states with custom life cycle terminology aligned to your business process. Intuitive user interface uses color and innovative graphics for quick assessment of current lead status for simple and complex multi-stage sales cycles.

  • Cloud-Based Service
  • Drop-In Integration
  • Up and Running in 1 Week
  • IT Friendly Integration
  • Enterprise Telephony Services

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