Supercharge Your
Sales & Business Productivity

AI powered platform for smart lead management and voice features to fast track your daily business processes


Panoramic View Of Your Leads

Get a holistic view of every lead from communications flow to sourcing to omni-channel engagement, etc. Never be out of sync with what’s happening with your lead across all your modalities and your knowledge base.



Automate the business operations of lead gen, sales & marketing and outperform the competition. Our system learns your business process while you implement it.



Out of the box with email, texting, calendaring, and voice service. Easy and fast integration with 3rd party apps bring all your sales tools under one roof.



All your business communications deeply integrated with our CRM. Enterprise class call management, texting, conferencing, IVR and much more powered by AI.

Top Features


Deeply Customizable Workflows – Automate sales & business process as per your customer life cycle from first point of contact to closing the deal to support. Automation incorporates all aspects, including communications, knowledge base, and time management.


Insights and pulse – Be on top of every deal with custom reports created as per your preference. Get visibility, stats and conformance across all the sales activities like lead pipeline, sales rep performance, lead sourcing, customer engagement, etc.

Email/ SMS Templates

One Click Personalisation – Send bulk/ mass emails and SMS with personalised text and signatures. All this within 5 minutes with our dynamic bulk communications wizards. Dynamic multimedia email signatures are of course included.

Goal Settings

Create a goal oriented plan for your sales reps and your teams. Track your team’s progression with weekly or monthly goals via our Dashboards. Get historical data for your team to find out activities they’re getting stuck on and what they’re nailing.

Data Entry

Auto lead creation and update. No manual data entry to keep the lead info updated with communications, events, and digital activities. With AI enabled automation, you get rich lead insights.

Active Intellisearch

Real time answers and insights with a few mouse clicks – that’s are Intellisearch. Makes status reports obsolete. Search, filter, analyze leads in consolidated manner across your entire database. Deep dive into leads with specific parameters and sales people/teams that you want to focus on.

Who Uses MetroLeads?


Capturing a complete customer touch point record for simple and complex transactions.


Managing and evaluating advertising and marketing with detailed multi-media sourcing and response data.

Sales Administration

Managing sales activities with comprehensive records of customer interactions and outcomes.

Service Delivery

Sales fulfillment management scaling from single locations to regional and national organizations.

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