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MetroGuild manages the entire internet marketing cycle for your company. From the wording of each ad to the layout of each page and the analysis of each metric, MetroGuild mixes the right amount of automation with human involvement to get you the best results.

Customer Life Cycle Management

  • MetroLeads Customer Interaction Management
  • MetroLeads Customer Profile Management
  • MetroLeads Repeat Customer Generation

Sales Management

  • Sales and Promotion Strategy & Tactics including MetroLeads Campaign Response Tracking and MetroLeads Sales Operations Management
  • Lead Management including MetroLeads Sourcing, MetroLeads Opportunity Management, and MetroLeads Telephony Integration

Marketing / Leads Services

  • Web Services – Digital Advertising, SEO, and Web Site Development
  • Marketing Strategy – Business strategic and tactical reviews

Introducing MetroLeads

Metroleads, by MetroGuild, is an easy to use Lead Sourcing, Tracking and Management Platform.

MetroLeads sources, tracks and manages your leads. With a razor sharp focus on ease of use, leads are automatically captured and tracked whether via phone, website, Internet, Search Engines or Social Media. Take control, manage, capture all communications and follow every lead from their first response to your advertising all the way to the store/business vist of your potential customers using our patent pending system. MetroLeads proactively analyzes your lead data to detect trends and provides real business tips and metrics.

See How It Works

Our Key Differentiators


Holistic Client Approach

We take a comprehensive whole company approach to big and small companies.


We offer big bang for the buck. Our operating philosophy is aligned with an 80/20 rule with our tight focus on the most highly productive strategies.


Appropriate Technology

We apply appropriate cutting edge technology with a human element focused on intelligent client business growth.

Unbounded Creativity

We apply unbounded creativity without methodology or technology silos. No constraints from legacy rules, fads or fashion, or self imposed limitations.


Simple, Powerful Solutions

We offer simple, powerful solutions. Complexity is contained, not ignored.


Services and Technology


Marketing and Business Development Consultation

  • Consider the client business in the context of Price, Place (Positioning), Product, Promotion
  • Develop specific Marketing and Sales recommendations for the client based on the review.
  • Provide ongoing tactical and strategic Marketing and Sales support and advice.

Lead Management (MetroLeads)

  • Multi-Media Lead Sourcing strategy
  • Lead and Opportunity management
  • Sales Operations management
  • Sales Telephony management sourcing and tracking
  • Automatic cross-media lead integration
  • Customer Life Cycle management

Digital Property Development

  • Creation of new web properties
  • Design review of existing web properties
  • Instrumentation of web properties for marketing intelligence (installation of MetroLeads)
  • Integration of Telephony tracking into web property design (installation of MetroLeads)
  • Review and administration of Internet domain ownership strategies
  • SEO campaign development – Review, program development, implementation planning
  • SEM campaign development – Review, budgeting, implementation, administration

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