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Inspired by real problems, driving real results, we at MetroGuild developed MetroLeads- a business software. Rooted in the science of selling, Metroguild evolved to offer a range of products and services to your Sales team. Metroguild empowers organisations to own and grow their Sales Teams and drive growth. Metroguild provides CRM, digital asset building and support to help organisations reach their true growth potential.

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Introducing MetroLeads

Metroleads, by MetroGuild, is a lead, customer and communication management platform equipped with core features that enables sales productivity, automation, and attainment of sales and customer milestones.

Developed with a razor sharp focus on ease of use, leads are automatically captured and tracked whether via phone, website, internet, search engines or social media. Capture, take control and manage all communications and follow every lead from the first response to your advertising all the way through the store/business visits of your prospective customers using our patent pending system. MetroLeads proactively analyzes your lead data to detect trends and behavior providing you significant metrics revealing real business opportunity and direction.

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Culture Of Innovation

We constantly seek disruptive innovative solutions to your problems. At Metroguild, research and development, sales and marketing teams strive hard to promote continuous paradigm shifts in an ever changing world. Forward thinking, inventive businesses rely on steady stream of ideas to provide platform for future growth.

You Come First

At Metroguild, nurturing clients is integral to how we work everyday. We assure your success by taking absolute care understanding the unique problems that you face, delivering bespoke products and services. We offer online and offline concierge support, including strong digital services facilitating Metroleads integration, application and digital property upgrades. To serve you better is in our heart and spirit.



Focus On Value

We give you maximum value in terms of service, function and cost for your minimum effort and investment. We believe the most productive strategy is unified yet simple, powerful solutions giving you the most bang for your buck unlike our competition.

Digital Services

Rounding out our differentiators, MetroGuild has a long and successful history offering Digital Services. Complementing and enhancing our MetroLeads CRM, we offer Digital Asset creation, upgrades, and business process integration in addition to CRM customization functions. Additionally we create and execute full service Digital Marketing campaigns including SEO and SEM services aligned to promote customer success.

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