Voice Assistants can,
when Humans cannot!

0% Human intervention required.
Get most of your issues resolved, swiftly.


A Voice Assistant

Well, say Hello to your new AI-enabled Virtual Assistant for a humanized experience. Do you know our Voice Assistant can attend 80% of calls during and after work hours? Now, never miss out on any opportunity to engage with the Leads.

Greets the lead by name and personalized message

Captures name & required details,
lead shows interest in

Schedules a call or
site-visit appointment

Reschedules a call or site-visit appointment, if requested

Gives a reminder call on
the day of site-visit

Adds tasks to
the user’s task list

Updates leads about the status on the reported issues

Easy to configure, No human intervention required

Who Uses Voice Assistants?


Capturing a complete customer touch point record for simple and complex transactions.


Managing and evaluating advertising and marketing with detailed multi-media sourcing and response data.

Sales Administration

Managing sales activities with comprehensive records of customer interactions and outcomes.

Service Delivery

Sales fulfillment management scaling from single locations to regional and national organizations.

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