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Role Description

We’re looking for a Voice developer with professional experience of 1-3 years. You will take on a central role in developing our products using open source telephony technologies such as Freeswitch, Kamailio, Asterisk, and interfacing with external telephony providers such as Twilio,, and Indian trunk providers like Airtel, BSNL, TATA with input from product management. Our teams are distributed in several locations serving customers in US, EU and India. Our team is on the forefront of technology, and love working with others via Meetups and Hackathons. Our technology stack includes Python, ElasticSearch, ReactJS, React Native, Cassandra, VoIP (Freeswitch), AWS, etc.

What will you work on?
  • High scale with 99.99% guaranteed availability VoIP system
  • Dealing with hardware vendors for physical devices
  • Building speech recognition (Automated Speech Recognition)
  • Text-to-speech services
  • Intelligent conversational and transactional systems over voice platforms
  • Build distributed voice applications in the cloud.
  • Build the application, test it, document it, and deploying it at scale.
  • Work closely with and incorporate feedback from product, designers, and other key stakeholders in the company.
  • Develop a project through its entire lifecycle.
  • Provide technical direction and guidance, as well as draft specifications, architect solutions, define timelines, advise on industry best practice and problems to be solved.
  • Quickly learn new technologies and adapt to a fast-paced development environment.
  • Strong algorithmic and problem solving skills.
  • Deep knowledge of data and communication protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.)
  • Experienced with product development using any of Python, Java, or NodeJS and a database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Strong *nix troubleshooting skills
  • Comfortable working in a flexible environment.
  • Strong communication skills
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or a related stream is a must
  • Working knowledge of VOIP protocols
  • Experience with building RESTful APIs and server-side APIs integration
  • Exposure to AWS, Azure, GCP, and web security
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  • Department
  • Location
    Pune/Bangalore, IN & Remote
  • Basis
    Full time

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